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I am Yvonne Bonnie Wyss; born in Vancouver and grew up in the Province of British Columbia Canada. I am a “West Coast” Girl as my partner likes to refer to me - as he is from the Prairies and among first nations people we identify ourselves by regions and nations often. I grew up mainly in the Lower mainland near Vancouver British Columbia. My background and education is in Administration and nursing.

My four children and I live with my Partner and his son who provided me with the inspiration to create this book. because of his allergies and perspectives on food, I also had many health issues over the years. We discovered that other people where interested in how we have chosen to live a Gluten free lifestyle.

I am a cultural person who has strong cultural and spiritual ties to my own Longhouse people whom I descend from as well as the The prairie cultural and spiritual path I follow in my own life. I personally believe in what I do with passion and my book is shared from the heart to offer my own personal journey. I lost nearly 60lbs by changing my life for this.



Ilhenaylh (ill-hen-ail) means “feast” in the Squamish language. As an Aboriginal Woman a descendant of the Squamish and Sto:lo First Nations people of British Columbia on the West Coast of Canada, I have found the concept behind this age-old tradition to have tremendous influence on the way I view and prepare food. By highlighting dietary changes that have arisen from the consumption of traditional to more modern foods, this book seeks ways to blend both categories through gluten-free cooking, something that is especially close to my heart.

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